I just purchased an M1 MacBook Air that I would like to attach to an external display. When I do so, the video quality is pretty terrible. It almost looks like the the output is being slightly scaled. However, I've verified from my monitor's OSD that it is outputting to the correct resolution as well as from MacOS. There isn't any oversampling or other scaling effects from the monitor (it's outputting 1:1). Just as a sanity check, I took a screenshot and it outputs the correct resolution and looks beautiful on another computer attached to the same display. I've tried various output cables (USB-C to DP and HDMI) and this doesn't seem to have any effect. I've read elsewhere that there can be some colorspace issues on Dell monitors in particular, but this isn't a Dell monitor and it really doesn't appear to be the issue.

  • Without knowing the exact hardware configuration and settings under monitors and preferably also from system report its going to be hard to tell what's the problem. Maybe you could even attach a screenshot and an actual image of the problem. – X_841 Mar 22 at 8:26
  • What happens if you select a size rather than "best for display"? – Mr R Mar 22 at 11:53

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