I've got my new MacBook Air m1 very recently. I changed default behaviour of F-keys to normal F1, F2, etc. So in order to activate 'media' keys like volume up/down I need to press Fn+F-key. Now, what I've realised is that pressing Fn with F1, F2, etc sometimes (50/50 chance) changes the keyboard layout as well! God, it is so annoying. It shouldn't be so 100%. I think that's just a bug. So, how can I disable Fn for changing my keyboard layout?

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    There is a box for making Fn/Globe change keyboards in system preferences > keyboard which you should uncheck. Have you done that? Mar 20 at 12:42
  • God! I missed it at the very surface of the section! Just put your comment as solution :))) Thank you a lot! Mar 20 at 13:08

This new feature of MacOS Big Sur can be turned off by unchecking a box in System Preferences > Keyboard.

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    Set Press FN key to "Do Nothing". If it's already at "Do Nothing" select something else, then select it again.
    – passsy
    Oct 17 at 14:55

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