If you 'right click' an icon on the dock > hover 'Options' > un-check "Keep in Dock" and proceed to drag the icon to move it, what happens is the "Keep in Dock" option becomes checked once again.

This is annoying because I do not want closed applications to be on my dock, yet I want to be able to organize my dock when application are open.

The issue was briefly mentioned in the comment section of this thread with no apparent solution.

Is it possible to disable this behavior?

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Why not move it first and then change the setting?

At one time, I needed to keep my dock updated with something that changed frequently. I just used a corn job to periodically replace the dock’s plait with a saved copy. That would presumably only help with things that stay in the dock, though.


For me the follow worked:

  • Launch "Launchpad"
  • while Launchpad is open
    • remove the Icon you want to rearrange from the dock by dragging it upwards on the screen
    • re-add the Icon from the Launchpad list at the position you wanna have it

good luck.

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    Where do you disable "Keep in Dock" during that process?
    – nohillside
    Feb 18, 2023 at 13:11

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