Does Magic Keyboard have keyboard brightness feature? If so how to enable/adjust it?

enter image description here


The Apple Magic Keyboard does not have key illumination like the MacBook [Pro] and iPad Magic Keyboard do.

  • Do you know why? It seems previous version has it, no? – Anton Dozortsev Mar 18 at 23:59
  • 1
    Apple has never provided key illumination in its standalone Mac keyboard peripherals. – pion Mar 19 at 0:00
  • Ok, thanks, but this would be very handy to have – Anton Dozortsev Mar 19 at 0:04
  • No argument there :) – pion Mar 19 at 0:05
  • If I’ve answered your question, would you kindly mark it as accepted? – pion Mar 19 at 0:05

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