I was running a google meet call in Firefox and had a few other tabs open, including a gitlab one with an embedded video (which might have been part of the cause of this) when I noticed considerable lagging in the responsiveness of windows, not just firefox. I found the following conspicuous messages in the console app:

IOGraphicsAccelerator::newUserClient(): process plugin-container (PID 1934) has too many contexts (510) + queues (0) + device (171) + shared (171) created. Possibly leaking?

It also affects opening browser tabs in e.g. Safari and general system responsiveness.

I couldn't find much on this kind of error message other than the plugin-container process seems to belong to Firefox.

This is a Macbook Pro with macOS Catalina 10.15.7.

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Restarting Firefox solved that issue for me, I no longer observe said messages in the console app and the system behaves as usual.

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