About My Mac:

MacBook Pro 11,3 2014, MacOS Catalina macOS 10.15.7 (19H524)


When trying to update MacOS Software using systempreferences or via the notification center Install popup I get 3 consistent error messages after a softwareupdate and system preferences crash.

  1. *com.apple.preferences.softwareupdate.remoteservice (System Preferences) quit unexpectedly.[com.apple.preferences.softwareupdate.remoteservice (System Preferences) quit unexpectedly1
  2. Preferences Error: There was an error in Software Update preferences. Preferences Error: There was an error in Software Update preferences MacOS Image
  3. SoftwareUpdateNotificationManager quit unexpectedly. SoftwareUpdateNotificationManager quit unexpectedly MacOS 10.15.7 error Problem Report for SoftwareUpdateNotificationManager

Things i've tried:

  1. Creating a new user account and trying software update. NOTE: THIS WORKS!. So the issue must be in the users home folder.
  2. Downloading and installing software updates via command line with in the malfunctioning user account via softwareupdate --install --all NOTE: THIS WORKS ALSO!
  3. Reinstalling MacOS on top of my currenct install without erasing MacintoshHD. This DOESN'T SOLVE THE ISSUE! ISSUE REMAINS PRESENT AFTER INSTALL!
  4. Backing up via Time-Machine, doing a full clean install, and then restoring from time maching. NOTE: THIS DOESN'T SOLVE THE ISSUE! ISSUE REMAINS AFTER CLEAN INSTALL AND RESTORE!

Issues that may have caused this:

  1. I read some post on a random mac forum about eliminating notifications for macOS software update. I entered a command that I am fairly certain modified a plist file for mac os. I don't know what command I used or what plist file it modified. I'm hoping it is just as easy as finding the plist file and removing it hoping mac os recreates a default plist file.


FULL LOG REPORT OF com.apple.preferences.softwareupdate.remoteservice (System Preferences) shared on pastebin

FULL LOG REPORT OF "SoftwareUpdateNotificationManager" shared on pastebin

My Question:

How can I fix this so that softwareupdate properly works on my current user account with my current mac os install?

  • Can you share the full crash report via www.PasteBin.com? – pion Mar 16 at 6:21
  • @pion Yes, I just added pastebin links with full logs to the original post. Thanks for the prompt reply! – DanRan Mar 16 at 9:49

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