How do I do add an app placed on the right side of the Dock as shown?

How do I do add an app placed on the right side of the Dock as shown? (On the right of the line separator, along with the Downloads and Trash icons).

This is on a Macbook Air 2015 running Mac OS Catalina, I had this machine since the default OS on Macbook Air 2015. Probably added the app icon there during Mac OS Mojave.

Reason for asking is that I remember actually adding MacVim.app onto the position as shown but forgot how to duplicate this. I don't believe I used any non-native stuff to do this.

If anyone knows a better place to ask this question, please tell me.



The dock area on the right side of the line separator is reserved for recently used apps. You can go to System Preferences > Dock and tick Show recent applications in the Dock. However, note that it will only keep recent apps and is not customisable.

  • Apparently, the OP has Show recent applications in Dock uncheck in System Preferences. The way I read the documentation provided by Apple, the OP should be able to add to the right side of the dock. However, I can not do this for a application or alias. I can get this to work for folders. – David Anderson Mar 1 at 7:50
  • I have System Preferences > Dock > Show recent applications in the Dock set to off. I tested it having it on and it would produce 2 vertical line separators with the MRU app[s] in between the separators; the image above has 1 vertical separator. If I open the app on the right side (MacVim.app), there will be an extra app icon (MacVim.app) on the left of the separator shown in OP. – Christopher Truong Mar 2 at 4:15

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