When I try to switch from Windows to Mac it doesn’t let me. I restart while pressing the option button until the option to choose what system to operate in appears and when I choose Macintosh the screen just starts up then immediately shuts down again on and off while never even booting in mac, meanwhile if I choose to operate in Windows it starts up with no problem. Basically my macbook is stuck operating windows and I don’t know how to switch back. I tried all keyboard methods to restart my computer and it still doesn’t work.

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    We need some more info than that to help you. What version of macOS is installed? What Mac model are you using? Usually, if you don't select the startup disk it defaults to Mac. What happens if you boot w/o opt? Can you boot into recovery mode (cmd + r while booting)? You could try there to run first aid in disk utility. Do you know what might have caused this? I.e. did you install an update or something else? Do you have a backup, e.g. with TimeMachine or a different tool like CarbonCopyCloner? Can you boot into safe mode, Reset SMC and NVRAM/PRAM? support.apple.com/en-us/HT201255 – X_841 Feb 28 at 8:23

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