On macOS version 11.2.2.

$ which sed

sed version: 4.8 SED(1)

When I run this code on Ubuntu, it works.

$ sed '1~2d' sample.txt

But when I run this on macOS, both in zsh and bash, it won't work.

$ sed '1~2d' sample.txt
sed: 1: "1~2d": invalid command code ~

Why doesn't it work on macOS?

How can I make it work?

[Update] When I run man sed | grep GNU, it outputs telling that This is a GNU extension.

enter image description here

  • What is the result of sed -V, of type sed, of ls -l $(type -p sed)? – nohillside Feb 27 at 5:36

An adress like 1~2 is a GNU extension, it's not available in the BSD sed which is part of macOS.

The probably easiest way out of this is to install GNU sed with

brew install gnu-sed

and then run gsed '1~2d' sample.txt.

If you don't want to install additional software see https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2560411/how-to-remove-every-other-line-with-sed for alternative approaches.

  • When I see which sed the output is /usr/bin/sed and the last line of man sed is sed 4.8 SED(1). Isn't it GNU sed? – shin Feb 27 at 0:26
  • 1
    @shin macOS doesn't come with GNU sed in /usr/bin. I assume that, one way or the other, the man page of GNU sed is somewhere in your MANPATH. – nohillside Feb 27 at 5:35

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