My Mac is connected to my Google (Gmail) and Microsoft (Outlook) accounts. Every few days (once or twice a week) I have notifications that tell me to re-sign-in to these accounts;

  1. In most of the times, the System Preferences window pops up but no signing-in is actually needed, so I close it.
  2. In The other times in which signing-in is needed when the window pops up, all services work fine even when I dismiss it, so signing in is not actually necessary.

I would like to fix this:

  • To not have redundant notifications (§1).
  • To not have to sign in again and again to an account I already signed-in to (both §1 & §2).
  • Automatically dismissing/hiding/preventing the notifications themselves is also okay, as services are working anyway (see §2).
  • Is this about accounts used in Mail only, or about Google Drive/OneDrive as well? – nohillside Feb 26 at 11:55
  • Do you connect to these services on another computers or mobile devices? – IconDaemon Feb 26 at 12:32
  • Have you tried removing the accounts and adding them back? Sometimes macOS may think that an account change happened and resetting the connection can help. – Todd Feb 26 at 15:31

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