My wifi dongle is not working on Big Sur. Whenever I tried to install the software that came with the wifi dongle, I get a message that the drive is incompatible. I was using a Wifi dongle from this company called Cuddy and when I contacted them, they said they are not sure when are they going to have a compatible driver for the same.

I found a similar post related to this over here when someone faced similar issue when Big sur was in beta phase.

And I was looking at Gummibando's answer where he mentioned the following:

While macOS 11 is in development, you can enable the loading of deprecated KEXTs by disabling SIP. See https://developer.apple.com/documentation/macos-release-notes/macos-big-sur-11-beta-release-notes (Deprecations).

However, the link is not working anymore. Any other solution to solve this issue?

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While Apple hasn't realeased an official date for when third party kexts, they have been phasing them out for over a year now and over time the list of depreciated kexts is growing.

For now I believe that you can boot into recovery mode using Command and R, and then running csrutil disable in the terminal to disable SIP.

This is more like a temporary hotfix than a solution and I would advise getting a new dongle if your manufacturer does not keep up.

  • What does csrutil disable command do? I couldn't find any manufacture supporting MacOS 11 version and later releases.
    – Tan
    Feb 27, 2021 at 16:53

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