Working with Mac OS 10.15, I noticed that - at least for a couple of applications (Astropad and AnyDesk), I'm unable to allow Screen Recording from System Preferences Privacy panel.

As a matter of fact, installing (Astropad and AnyDesk) the applications, Sys Pref Privacy should ask me to allow these apps to Record the Screen. This doesn't happen and therefore I'm unable to install the apps.

Astropad support suggested to type in Terminal "tccutil reset ScreenCapture" but nothing apparently changes.

I don't know if this is related, but I also needed to do some fixing in order to let Epoccam app work with Skype, Webex and other videoconferencing apps: as read on the web, as follows:

to let iPhone camera directly captures video for various other video conferencing apps including Cisco Webex: below is the command to remove the code signature from Webex. sudo codesign --remove-signature/Users//Library/Application\ Support/WebEx\ Folder/T33_64UMC_<webex_version>/Meeting\ Center.app/

Any help would be greatly appreciated :-)

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