I have looked at the questions similar to this and found none that matches. I was running PCcharm and Python and had to start the Django server. The first time I ran it worked fine but when I edited some of the files to change the website that Django created, I can no longer get to localhost to see the website that I created.

I have tried rebooting, rebooted router and lastly under network preferences and proxies, I added in the localhost address,

Anyone, please help as I cannot continue with my Python class without localhost as that's where the wesite I am creating is displayed!

  • What port are you setting for the Django app? – mmmmmm Feb 23 at 9:02
  • Hi it's using port 8000 – xela56 Feb 24 at 0:32
  • Sorry, don't understand what "rnter" means ! Do you mean router? – xela56 Feb 25 at 4:36
  • What is the exact URL that you enter – mmmmmm Feb 25 at 11:01

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