I am someone that is pretty forgetful and don't have the tendency to remember exact sentences that trigger automations on the Shortcuts App.

This leads to me having to open the app every time I want to trigger an automation to see what's the name. Because I have to open the app and see the actual sentence I many times just click it instead of just telling Siri the sentence.

I would like to set several sentences as the triggers for Shortcuts actions so that I can associate more generic sentences to the correct action.


I want to preheat the car.

- "Hey Siri, preheat the car."
- "Hey Siri, warmup the car."
- "Hey Siri, I'm going to drive."
- "Hey Siri, heat the car."
- "Hey Siri, cooldown the car."

All of those sentences should trigger the same action. So could I define several sentences as a trigger for the shortcuts when interacting with Siri? Or the only input is exactly what you type in the name of the shortcut action?


You could try System Preferences / Keyboard / Text. Click + below to add a new text shortcut. Choose something short and easy to remember. Then define the longer, full version. perhaps you could somehow trigger the shorter version with Siri (one that's easy to remember), and that would trigger the longer, full version.

You might be able to set this up using Soundflow (automation platform that works with all apps, not just music), or Keyboard Maestro.

  • I feel like I expressed myself wrongly when asking the question, I was asking how to add more than a trigger for an action on the shortcuts app, not on the keyboard. :) – Alejandro Vales Feb 23 at 9:36

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