I have got a MBA M1 base variant and am in India with 220 V @ 50 Hz power supply. Currently, my MBA is plugged in (and 100% charged) and through my earphones I am hearing a buzzing sound. If I turn off the power then the sound vanishes.

More interestingly though, if I touch my hand to any area on the metal surface the sound vanishes. Likewise, if the power is plugged-in and I drag my hand through any area of the metal surface then there is a distinctive vibration I can feel which is absent when my hand is resting.

Is this normal behaviour? Is there any chance of damage of any kind? Could this be a grounding issue? I'm pretty sure that the power is grounded (but not 100% sure).

Edit : Additional Comment -

In case it's relevant I bought the MacBook through official online store of Apple so no chance of a run-in with power rating issues. Also, the power supply at my place is rock-steady.

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Sounds like an earthing issue. If power supply & mains plug and socket are all correctly earthed, this should lessen or disappear.

Some PSUs aren't earthed* - this I've always considered a manufacturer failing.

Technically it's not 'dangerous' as the mains leakage from a switch-mode power suppy is a known quantity, but it does upset people.

*See How to properly ground a MacBook Pro for details of how even with a three pin plug your Mac may still not actually be correctly earthed/grounded.


This used to happen to a family member's MBA when it was plugged into a specific outlet and placed on top of a limestone countertop. Touching it stopped the buzzing. Absolutely a grounding issue.


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