MacBook Air M1 2020 + iPhone12 Pro Max

AirDrop from iPhone to MacBook works well.

Handoff in both directions works well. (Although I didn't know whether they were acting in similar ways)

The only problem is that when I want to airdrop a file from MacBook to iPhone, I can see my iPhone's figure, however with no-clicking-response neither in Mac nor in iPhone.

I tried to toggle the bluetooth and WiFi in both devices but the issue still exists. I tried to restart both devices but the issue still exists.

AirDrop from MacBook to iPhone doesn't work

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Bugs has been fixed after I quit Proxifer completely


Make sure you have Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and AirDrop enabled. To enable it: "Settings" → "Basic" → "AirDrop" → "For all".

If you already have everything set up like this and AirDrop refuses to cooperate, then disable all items and then enable them again.

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