For privacy reasons I always delete BridgeAudioController.kext on a Mac. This away, the built-in mic will stop working and nothing can access my mic. If I need it I'll just use an headset.

In MacOS Catalina this was relatively simple:

  1. Start recovery with external boot disk so I can prevent the internal macOS from launching;
  2. Launch terminal;
  3. rm -rf /System/Library/Extensions/BridgeAudioController.kext

The clever move is to prevent the internal macOS from launching because, if it does, BridgeAudioController.kext will be marked has read-only by the system and just can't be deleted (even if the SIP is turned disabled). For Catalina a similar situation is described by @user3439894 in this post: How to delete kexts in Catalina?

The Problem is that Big Sur external boot disks no longer include terminal. Access to terminal can only be made through MacOS recovery / Options.

Any ideas on how to bypass this? Thanks in advance,

  • Even if you had a terminal in Recovery, you still wouldn't be able to make changes to the system like you could in previous versions of macOS, since Big Sur boots a sealed snapshot. I've linked this question to the canonical Q&A for editing the system volume in Big Sur. If that doesn't answer your question, edit with what caused you trouble.
    – grg
    Feb 17 at 22:02