I use USB-connected, mechanical disk drives as Time Machine backup media. I have a lot of data. I encrypt them. They are all formatted as HFS+ . In this post, I use the expression HFS+ to mean "MacOS Extended, Journaled".

In MacOS 11.2.1, I am not able to create an encrypted HFS+ partition. I would like to do so. Is there a clever work-around to get this done?

Encryption of APFS volumes or partitions is still possible. If I try to encrypt an HFS+ partition, MacOS immediately converts the partition to APFS.

Motivation: I would like to continue using Time Machine. I find that performance of USB-connected disk drives is abysmal if the drive format is APFS. The performance degradation is at least 10x.

  • Motivation: I find that APFS formatted USB drives give better performance for Time Machine. – Gilby Feb 13 at 23:21

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