I'm starting to learn python and I've been having to use my terminal a bit; however, all tutorials I have found online show the login info and input symbol as user-macbook:~name$, as well as inserting $ for running commands. However, my terminal displays user@Macbook-Air ~ %, and the usage of $ is not computed. What could be wrong? Thanks!

  • What do you mean with „the usage of $ is not computed“? – nohillside Feb 13 at 6:49

I can't find an accepted answer to dupe this to, and since it's always been answered in comments, I'm going to make it a real answer so we can point people here. (Yes, it should be on Ask Different, but it gets asked here a lot.)

See macOS different Prompt meaning `%` vs `$` and Updated my shell to zsh, command prompt now ends in a % for a couple of recent versions.

You've switched from bash to zsh (this became the new default in 10.15), and zsh has a different default prompt. The commands you find online will still be fine. You don't type the leading $. That's just indicating where the prompt is (and in zsh it's %).

If you wish to switch back to bash, use the following command to change your default shell:

chsh -s /bin/bash
  • There is no automatic switching to zsh. Accounts which were using bash stayed on bash after the upgrade. – nohillside Feb 13 at 6:49
  • @nohillside But it is true that new accounts and new Macs will use zsh by default. – Gilby Feb 13 at 9:36
  • Rob, you could mention that the prompt is totally configurable (but leave how to as an exercise for the inquiring mind). – Gilby Feb 13 at 9:41

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