When I’m doing research for a project I’ll have one window with lots of tabs. When I’m doing other work, I like to minimize that window to save it for later.

What bothers me mightily is that I now have to always keep another Safari window non-minimized so that the minimized window(s) won’t suddenly be maximised again when clicking a link in another application or wanting a new Safari window by clicking the app icon. I want that minimized project window to always stay minimized unless I actively bring it forward.

Is there a way that Safari can treat that minimized window as “locked” in the dock? That it won’t be maximized when I click a link in another application or click the Safari dock icon?

I like this way of working with multiple windows, but I hate the fact that I can’t really close the active non-minimized window I’m now working in because it will make the minimized window reappear at some point.


One way is to use built-in way to open new window while clicking on link. + , to open Safari preferences > Tabs and one can see following options:

enter image description here

So + + click will open link in new window and makes it active. By adding will not make new window active.

Also - what action you call minimizing? Because I can't reproduce any sudden window opening if window is minimized ( + M)

  • What I’m describing is if I click a link in another application, not within Safari itself. The scenario: I have no active windows in Safari, they are all minimized. When I click a link in Mail, one of the minimized Safari windows will be non-minimized and the link opened in that window. What I want instead is that a new window opens when I click the Mail link, instead of one of the previously minimized ones. – Simon Feb 12 at 8:41
  • On screenshot there is 'Automatically' selected in 'Open pages in tabs instead of windows'. If you select 'Never' it should open new Safari window if link is clicked from Mail (at least it did in my machine) – Aivar Paalberg Feb 12 at 9:37
  • That’s interesting. It gets me some of the way, though now all links clicked outside of Safari open in a new window, regardless of modifier key presses. I’d like to alternatively be able to open the link in the active Safari window (if there is one), not just always open in a new window. I realize this is a very specific use-case, though. – Simon Feb 14 at 9:30

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