It seems like I’ve used up all space on my MBP, and when I rebooted it it became corrupted/inoperable (when I go into disk utilities, Macintosh HD is “unmounted”, and when I press “mount”, nothing happens. On internet recovery, the same thing gives me “Alert: couldn’t mount disk”. Clicking “Repair” gives me “Alert: Partition map repair failed while adjusting structures to fit current whole disk size.”)

I was wondering if it’s possible to recover any data from it? I have some sensitive documents that haven’t backed up due to poor internet connection. On disk utility it says the drive could not be mounted and I can’t find the drive via the terminal.

Thank you!

  • Using up all your space should not normally cause the drive to become completely inoperable. So something else has happened. Unfortunately, SSDs are much harder to recover than HDDs. If you had FileVault on, even more so.
    – benwiggy
    Jul 11 at 12:25

Is your drive formatted as an HFS+ (macOS Extended) or APFS volume? If it’s HFS+, you can try DiskWarrior. (Though, from the sound of it, the corruption may not be in the volume itself but rather in the partition map, and I don’t know if DiskWarrior is able to fix those errors. May be worth reaching out to their support team.)

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