There’s a third party software I have running on my Mac in the menu bar at all times, but for some reason it’s preventing my Mac mini from sleeping or locking the screen altogether. I contacted the company about this issue, but just in case I won’t be able to resolve it with them, is there a way I can prevent a Mac app from preventing it from sleeping, without quitting the app altogether?

  • What's the app? – IconDaemon Feb 8 at 22:39
  • It's called Reference 4 Systemwide, its an audio app I'm using on my Mac. – Jonathan Levine Feb 8 at 23:40

No. Power manager assertions can be artificially created (e.g., via caffeinate) but they can’t be removed except by the app itself. You can, at least, view the current assertions via

pmset -g assertions

and see what kind of assertion your app has taken.

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