I would like to configure a simple key combination to type a schwa (ǝ). I configured text replacement for the å character, but it won't work if it's inside a word i.e. "å" gets replaced correctly to "ǝ", but "andatå" doesn't become "andatǝ". Good solutions would be:

  • automatic text replacement for the å character
  • a way to assign ǝ to the option+a key combination

My keyboard has the Italian ISO layout.


You can't achieve the first, as you'd have to have one instance for each word in which it occurs. As you've discovered, the text replacer needs a space before & after.

The second idea could be done using Ukelele & designing your own replacement keyboard layout. It's not an app I'm terribly experienced with, but I have managed to make my own modified structure without too much learning curve.
you end up with a 'new' layout copied from your existing one…

enter image description here


You can add a replacement under: System Preferences > Keyboard > Text

And then for ex: add schwa === ǝ

(To enable this in the browser see this answer.)

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