I would like to configure a simple key combination to type a schwa (ǝ). I configured text replacement for the å character, but it won't work if it's inside a word i.e. "å" gets replaced correctly to "ǝ", but "andatå" doesn't become "andatǝ". Good solutions would be:

  • automatic text replacement for the å character
  • a way to assign ǝ to the option+a key combination

My keyboard has the Italian ISO layout.

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You can't achieve the first, as you'd have to have one instance for each word in which it occurs. As you've discovered, the text replacer needs a space before & after.

The second idea could be done using Ukelele & designing your own replacement keyboard layout. It's not an app I'm terribly experienced with, but I have managed to make my own modified structure without too much learning curve.
you end up with a 'new' layout copied from your existing one…

enter image description here


You can add a replacement under: System Preferences > Keyboard > Text

And then for ex: add schwa === ǝ

(To enable this in the browser see this answer.)

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