How can I show battery percentage on my Mac's log-in screen?

My menu bar normally shows batter percentage, I have the option enabled in System Preferences, but when I close my laptop lid and reopen it or lock my screen and have to log in again, I can't see the battery's percentage, just the icon.

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The battery percentage has been added back to the lockscreen in macOS Ventura!


Since the release of Big Sur, there appears to be no option to show battery percentage on the login screen. One thing you could do is submit feedback about this to Apple, which I've done since I want the option show battery percentage on my computer's login screen as well. Hope this helps!

EDIT: While not the same as on the lock screen, you can display the battery percentage on your Mac's screensaver by using the free and open-source screensaver Aerial. While not mentioned in the official documentation, the creator has mentioned it as a feature on Github, and I've been able to test and verify that the screensaver does actually have that feature.

If you can't upgrade to Ventura as Daniel Ting suggests in another answer, this is probably the easiest option for you.

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