Listing processes which keep my MBP awake with pmset -g assertions shows some applications which I positively do not wish to be able to influence power management.

pid 150(coreaudiod): [0x0000f9a400019c4e] 00:10:34 PreventUserIdleSystemSleep named: "com.apple.audio.00-16-94-2e-19-7e:output.context.preventuseridlesleep" 
Created for PID: 3455. 

Is there a generic way to tell the system that for example coreaudiod can never post such a PreventUserIdleSystemSleep assertion?

Note that I'm not interested in hunting individual options for each process/application - I am looking for something like pmset --ignore correaudiod which positively restricts processes. Is there such a feature?

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No, there is no user accessible approach for blocking power assertions in macOS.

If you would like this feature in macOS, please let Apple know.

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