As the title says, a popup appeared while I was on the internet, I was not on any sketchy website btw. I was not downloading anything either.
All I saw was "Verifying file", I don't think it mentioned a specific file, I just closed the popup as fast as I could.
Is this an issue? I just wanted to make sure my device isn't infected.

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    With this limited information I doubt anyone will be able to give you an answer. However, if I remember correctly, if you quit a verifying process the called app will not be able to start. Without knowing what file was being opened its basically impossible to tell what it actually was. Usually non-App Store apps need a verification process. Therefore you basically must have opened something. – X_841 Jan 31 at 17:38
  • it appeared again, this time I let it run for a few seconds before closing it, the text changed to something like "Verifying file Google Backup and Sync", do you know why that could be? I've never had such popups before, only today – kuyaC Jan 31 at 23:59

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