so I've changed a splintered display including a new flex-cable with front camera, brightness and proximity sensor of an iPhone 8 for my first time and it is working nearly as wanted... nearly!

The proximity sensor does not work anymore but everything else: The front camera, the display, the home button, the automatic setting of brightness and also the earpice is working without a problem. The sensor is plugged in its place and can "see" through the cut-out.

My question is: Is there any step missing? Do I (which I doubt) have to activate again because it is a new hardware component?

Thanks in advance!


No, you don’t need to take any further steps. There are no additional settings for the proximity-sensor. I see only this steps to repaire your sensor:

If no step is helpful, I would advise to contact the apple support and make a appointment to show the iPhone bug.

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