The problem described in Disable mouse interference in Cmd-Tab overlay? is annoying, but I can live with it. What I cannot live with is the very same problem, but happening when switching input sources, aka keyboard layouts. I use multiple keyword layouts and I need to switch them 500 times per day, reliably. I'm using this key to do that:


The issue is that in like half of the times I want to switch input sources, which is typically when I'm typing, the "mouse" cursor is parked in a position on the screen which interferes with the input source switching overlay, causing the wrong layout to be chosen and driving me completely mad. What can I do to ban the cursor from ruining my life? Thanks!



As I've never seen a keyboard with that 'globe' on the Fn key to switch layouts, I'm curious as to what your Control panel for it looks like.
System Prefs > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Input Sources.
If that's anything like mine, just switch it to another key command. I use Ctrl/Spacebar & like you I only have 2 languages, so it's a simple flip between the two.

enter image description here

This produces no screen overlay, but if you have the language menu bar item, you see the flags switch.

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    Thanks, this seems like a viable solution, although it involves pressing more keys instead of one. The fn/globe key is on the M1s. Having macOS Big Sur, when I hold Ctrl for a while and only then press the space bar, the overlay shows. But if I do it just quick, it doesn't show. Jan 26 at 18:14
  • The preferences actually look the same. The fn/globe key isn't mentioned at all in the dialog you show and both these ways to change input sources seem to work out of the box. Jan 26 at 18:18

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