So i had previously used a software where i could paste a list of file names and automate it to copy all those files and paste into destination folder. Unfortunately i am unable to find it.

So the problem i have now is "how can i bulk search and copy files from a folder to destination folder"

So, I have a folder with around 2000 images. and i have all these images names in an excel.

So i have already selected few image names on that excel which i can curate in a plaintext too. But i am unable to find a way search these names and copy those files into another folder.

I really hope there is someone here who can help me find a solution.

Looking forward to all the help and suggestions


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Assuming the images names do not contain any newline characters, you can do the following:

  • Create a new Excel file with just the column containing the image names
  • Save this file as CSV into the folder with the images as imagelist.csv
  • Open Terminal
  • Type cd (including the trailing space) and drag&drop the image folder from Finder into Terminal, then press Enter
  • Type perl -pi -e 's/\r\n/\n/;' imagelist.csv and press Enter to remove DOS-style line endings
  • Type (or copy&paste) sed 1d imagelist.csv | while read -r image; do cp -v "$image" into Terminal (again including the trailing space), do not press Enter yet
  • Drag&drop the destination folder from Finder into Terminal
  • Type (or copy&paste) ; done, then press Enter

This should copy all the images named in the CSV, and print their name while doing so.

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