I have a game in App Store which has several leaderboards and achievements in multiple languages. I am now creating a sequel to the game and I would like to create leaderboards and achievements with the same names and localisations for the new game without having to write everything manually again.

I understand that it is possible to link the old leaderboards to the new game so the both games would use the same leaderboards but that is not what I want.

Apple had a command line tool called Transporter which I understand was able to download and upload the app metadata as XML files. I think that would have been the best solution for me but sadly it seems to be removed from existence in favour of the new GUI based Transporter.

I have not found any info or documentation if the new tool is able to do the same as the old one. When I start the application, it just asks me to "drag .ipa or .pkg file to get started".

Is there an easy way to download the published app metadata from App Store Connect and upload it for new app? With the new Transporter app or in some other way?

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