I can do this in a DAW like Ableton Live by selecting individual inputs and panning as needed, one track per input and combine. But, I do not want to run a giant DAW just to have stereo sound and am looking for just a system-level software mixer that is more granular.

Windows has this in its native mixer and but Mac just combines both in dual-mono as one device with no panning control. Blackhole also cannot do this and it's not clear if any of the Rogue Amoeba software can as most of their stuff seems focused on effects and complex routing between apps.

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    On phone so search is limited. Check my profile & search Rogue Amoeba. Audio Hijack can do this. Loop back maybe but I’m less familiar with that. – Tetsujin Jan 17 at 9:19
  • I checked the trial of Audio Hijack and (I think) it kind of works but introduces some distortion and what sounds like nearly a full second of latency (normally I see about 5ms in my DAW). Also just noticed the price, which is ... a bit much for the functionality I'm looking for. Maybe I can figure out how to add it to blackhole given time. – JGurtz Jan 17 at 9:48
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    I've never known anything by Rogue Amoeba introduce any artefacting or latency. (Yeah, the price is high for a one-trick pony) Wish you luck with Blackhole - I'm afraid it's not something I've ever used. – Tetsujin Jan 18 at 9:56
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    Actually, I found my interface (MOTU M4) has a semi-hidden feature where it will treat input 1 as L and 2 as R. Holding down either of the MON buttons for 3 seconds and it goes into stereo mode (a dot appears between the 1 and 2 in the Input monitoring section). I guess the question still stands for anyone without this feature. – JGurtz Jan 23 at 8:10

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