I am attempting to connect an Apple Silicon Mac Mini, MacBook Air, and/or MacBook Pro to a 30" Apple Cinema Display at native 2560x1600 resolution.

The same question for Intel Macs with USB-C is asked here:

I'm attempting to use the same chain of adapters as listed in those answers, which I have personally tested to work on an Intel USB-C Mac:

  1. M1 Mac (USB-C / Thunderbolt 3)
  2. USB-C to Mini DisplayPort adapter
  3. Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Adapter
  4. Apple Cinema Display 30" (Dual-Link DVI)

However, this combination does not seem to work on my M1 Mac Mini.

I get no screen response on the M1 Mac. The monitor's power light is on, and USB-passthrough of my keyboard and mouse works fine, but the screen is not recognized by the Mac.

Do Apple Silicon Macs with Thunderbolt 3 require specific adapters, different from previous Intel Thunderbolt 3 Macs?

The Mac Mini-based Apple Silicon Developer Transition Kit (DTK) did not work with the Apple Cinema Display; I'm hoping that limitation was removed from the shipping version.

I'd like to continue to use the 30" Apple Cinema Display + Apple Dual Link DVI Adapter. Which additional adapters are needed to use that Mini DisplayPort output with an M1 Mac?



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I purchased a new USB-C to Mini DisplayPort adapter.

This adapter works fine connected to an M1 Mac, Apple Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Adapter, and 30" Apple Cinema Display.

Biming USB-C DisplayPort

I was previously using the same type of connector, but a few years older and from a different brand:

But that adapter does not work on my M1 Mac. It does work with Intel USB-C Macs.

I would be interested to know why the original adapter does not work. Do M1 Macs require some additional spec?


The new USB-C to Mini DisplayPort adaptor shown should work, but make sure you connect the USB2.0 lead to the computer. You don’t need to connect the FireWire 400 to anything.


For what it's worth, this adapter works for me. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be available on Amazon at the moment.

The only glitch I experience is that the Cinema Display does not wake up when my MacBook Pro wakes up. I have to unplug the adapter, plug it again, and then everything works at full resolution.

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