Simplified version of my setup is as follows:

  • pi-hole also serving as local dns
  • Asus RT-AC68U resolving dns to pi-hole
  • my nas with the local adress nas.lan
  • macbbook using Big Sur where I experience my problems

The real problem for me occurs during node development involving local servers but these examples describes the problem.

What doesn't work

Safari can't find http://nas.lan:5000

The below node.js - script (ENOTFOUND error)

var dns = require('dns');
dns.lookup('nas.lan', function(err, res, fam){console.log(err, res, fam);})

What does work

Both on Chrome and EdgeChrome http://nas.lan:5000 resolves without problems.

Also nslookup nas.lan works without problem.

So, what should I do so that my local dns always works?

  • What DNS is providing the .lan addresses? The normal local way is using Bonjour which gives addresses ending in .local – mmmmmm Jan 14 at 4:49
  • after my modification (see answer) both ip-adresses and dns names are provided by my installation of pi-hole.net – Schaki Jan 15 at 7:43
  • It is rather importabnt to show that you are using pihole as a DNS in the question – mmmmmm Jan 15 at 12:05

Additional googling with new keywords helped me out.

Disabling the DHCP server on Asus RT-AC68U while enabling the DHCP on my pihole resolved this immediately.

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