im running macbook pro 8.2 i7 2.0 without working battery and after successfully compiling cputune and running it i would like to ask if someone can please help me with proper command for cputune maximum frequency, so i can lower it for 10% or so, in hope that my computer stop crashing.

they say on cputune git hub site:

"Type in echo >/tmp/TurboRatioLimit.conf to submit cores maximum frequency at runtime. For example 0x2b2c2d2f3030 in i9-8950HK (6 cores) sets the maximum frequency for Core[1-6] at 43(0x2b), 44(0x2c), 45(0x2d), 46(0x2f), 48(0x30), 48(0x30) respectively."

but im not sure how to implement those hex numbers i guess, for my cpu.

thank you for your help.

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