There is a profile I installed many days ago and I forget the password, how can I delete it?

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    I’ll leave the cracking to others, but I’m sure someone has tried the non brute force method I’ll propose as a fall back to surgically removing these profiles that are locked.
    – bmike
    Commented Jan 12, 2021 at 15:02

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I managed to delete the profile by using this command

sudo profiles remove -forced -identifier=com.apple.mdm.macdm.22fba6f0-ff19-0138-d02e-003ee1c5a824.alacarte

Use this command to find the profile name

sudo profiles -Lv | grep "name: $4" -4 | grep -E 'name|profileIdentifier' | awk -F ': ' 'BEGIN {key = ""} { if (NR%2==1){key=$3}else{print key"==="$3}}'

You can back up the Mac and then boot to recovery and erase it. The MDM profiles are designed to resist cracking so erase and restore is often the fastest method.

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