I'm trying to install the KDK package on a VM with BigSur 11.1 on it (20C69 build). I used Apple's guide for general guidelines, and this guide for details.

  • It appears that since Catalina, the system volume is read-only:
  • Indeed, after disabling SIP in recovery mode, trying to copy kernel.development to /System/Library/Kernels results in an error message saying: "Operation Not Permitted".

Some forums suggested to mount it as writeable and save the changes, for example here:

  • The command csrutil authenticated-root disable is not recognized for some reason, and shows the csrutil help text.
  • If using the "regular" csrutil disable, then back in the normal boot mode csrutil status indicates that all of the components are disabled, apart from BaseSystem Verification which is still enabled.
  • Attempting to ignore it and move forward with the instructions, everything goes smoothly until the bless command, which fails with the same "Operation Not Permitted".

So far no luck with any of the similar guides (1,2...) as well.

Would appreciate any help,


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