I tried to create a print plug-in for pdf pop-up menu, where I'd like to open the PDF in messages so I can send as a text or iMessage. After a few trials it did launch the messages app but it didn't show the pdf within it, nothing to send. Wanted to try the same plug in with iBooks to see if it works and it did beautifully; saved the pdf to iBooks. I’m using the “open finder items” command. Is there something different I should do to make this work with messages app? My OS is BigSur 11.1.enter image description herePDF print pop up menu


  • Without seeing a screenshot of the entire Automator workflow, we can't possibly know what's wrong with the script. However: see my answer below for an easier way. – benwiggy Jan 11 at 8:22
  • I added two screenshots. What you have suggested in your answer didn't work, unfortunately. – keskeane Jan 31 at 22:26

Simply putting an Alias to the application in the Library/PDF Services folder (either the User's Library folder or the root level /Library folder) should be sufficient to send the PDF from the print menu's "Save As PDF" button to any application.

This should have the same effect as opening the document with the app, or dropping it on the app's icon. It may depend what the app does with incoming documents.

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