My MacBook Pro, a late 2011 model running High Sierra has been giving me this issue where some keys - FGHJKL, aren't working sporadically. Sometimes it works fine for a while but then after some time now it starts to behave more sporadic until it works none at all.

I've read a lot of posts on this issue, but none offered any real help. Some say it could be that since the battery is swollen (which it is) then that could be the root cause, so I let it run without the battery and it didn't work fine without. Some say it could be a software issue, so I went ahead to resetting the SMC, PRAM, reinstalling the OS, clearing junk cache, and even clearing out some .plist files from the Library > Preferences folder.

My only remedy is to restart the computer where it works fine for a while. I'm also using karabiner to map combinations to the keys that don't work.

I've been having this problem from late December up until now. However, it's not the first time. Last year around this time I had the same issue with it and I had to buy a new keyboard, but even so, the issue persisted. As time went by it went away until now. I'm not sure if Apple is screwing with my computer ( I'm getting pop-ups telling me I should upgrade the OS ) or this issue is legitimately either a software or hardware issue. I would like to know what I'm experiencing so I can act decisively. Any help is appreciated thanks.

  • When I lock the screen then login again, it would sometimes work for a while but then get more unpredictable as time goes. – BroBass Jan 8 at 23:06

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