I had an ios app created, which has been uploaded but not yet released on the App Store.

However, I have not been able to get hold of the original files used to create app from the developer who made it.

Is there a way to download the files directly from my App Store Connect account- I want to be able to run the app locally via XCode.


The title and body ask two different things, ‘app package’ and ‘original files’.

  • The ‘original files’, source code, is never uploaded to Apple. You will need to get these from the original developer.

  • The compiled ‘app package’ in an .ipa bundle for execution on an iOS device (not Simulator) cannot be downloaded from App Store Connect.

    Apple does not provide any way of retrieving an upload app/IPA. It's neither possible through App Store Connect nor the App Store Connect API.


  • If you want to run the app on a physical device without releasing to the App Store, add the app to TestFlight and enable internal testing.

  • Ok thanks for explaining. – Urbycoz Jan 8 at 15:28

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