When trying to save a 15-minute movie from iMovie in order to upload it in the YouTube app, I frequently get the message "Storage Full: There is not enough space left on this device. You cannot share until you free some space."

This despite the fact that Settings shows "28.8 GB of 64 GB Used" and that iMovie is using only 1.29 GB of that. (It also shows that iMovie was "Last Used: 12/12/18" which is clearly false; is that a clue that the storage graph is inaccurate?)

How can I get iMovie to use this 35G available space for its export?

iPad Air 2, iPadOS 14.2, iMovie 2.3.2 (5087)

  • This could mean that the 15 minute video file you want to save is a really big file. High resolution video files can really get very big. What is the settings you are using to export the movie? – sfxedit Jan 8 at 2:43
  • iMovie must be transcoding the video prior to uploading to YouTube. It’s possible that the temp file is taking up all that space. The source video, I’m assuming is from your Photos app and you’ve imported it into iMovie. The source almost certainly wasn’t copied but just referenced from Photos. What I’m saying is the source video is probably large and transcoding it in iMovie for upload to YouTube is probably exhausting the space. You may have to transfer the video to a Mac, if possible, and do your editing there. – daneb Jan 8 at 6:36

I talked to several advisors at Apple Support, and eventually learned that this is a known bug that has impacted others besides me, and that engineers are working on a solution, but it is not known when that solution might be released.

Meanwhile the only workaround, since this is our only Apple device, is to download the clips that comprise this video from iCloud to another computer, edit the video again in an editing app that runs on that computer, and upload it from that computer.

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