I am using Apple MainStage 3.5 and I route the Audio Output to a Loopback virtual device. And this works like a charm. Until it switches to another device after some inactivity.

I tried another Loopback device, but the same thing keeps happening. Does anybody have an idea how to tell MainStage to not switch devices? I thought that setting the hot-plug behavior to do nothing was the key. But it does not seem to work.

I did some Googling, but could not find an answer to my question. I hope somebody knows.

enter image description here

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    Does it always switch to the same other device? Is this ever after some 'downtime' - sleep, screensaver etc? Where is Loopback routing (idk if that's important but who knows)? – Tetsujin Jan 6 at 16:34
  • No it does not always switch to the same device. It switches to a device connected, which could be one of the headphone or monitor. it is lways a hardware one. It is definitely after screensaver. So I assume loopback becomes inactive. But I expect Mainstage to still keep it, even though it is temporarily not there. – Pullie Jan 6 at 17:32
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    I'd be inclined to ask Rogue Amoeba directly. They're really smart cookies & quick to reply to enquiries. I've had them come back with answers within the day (though my particular issue couldn't be fixed, they explained in good detail why that was). – Tetsujin Jan 6 at 17:37
  • Thx. I will do that. I assumed, when writing down, that this was an Apple thing. But your questioning makes Rogue Amoeba a better candidate – Pullie Jan 6 at 17:40
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    Done and thx for the help @Tetsujin – Pullie Jan 17 at 18:09

After some frequent contact with Rogue Amoeba we came to the following solution. Strictly speaking is this not an answer to the original question, but a workaround. I used the Loopback device to connect to Audio Hijack, but another solution is to select System Setting as Audio Output in MainStage. Then I captured the MainStage application in Audio Hijack instead of the Loopback device. Thus circumventing to whole need for Loopback as an input device into Audio Hijack.

BTW I still use Loopback to connect the Audio Hijack output further in the chain.

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