[Setup] -

  • I have a M1 Mac mini running Big Sur.
  • I am using Devanagari-QWERTY input method for typing Marathi/Hindi.

[Problem] -

  • All is well when typing in apps like Pages, Stickies, Safari etc..
  • But when I type in Terminal app, the rendering is not as expected.

See below images. What could be the issue and how to fix this?

Devanagari-QWERTY input method

Rendering ok in Stickies app

Rendering not ok in Terminal app

  • Try switching to a different terminal profile. – unbeatable101 Jan 6 at 6:02
  • I tried a few other profiles (in preferences) and also various font settings (under profile), but I am unable to get anything that works. – indojin Jan 6 at 7:01

I think that Apple's Terminal has never supported correct Devanagari display, but have read that Gnome Terminal does. You could try that.

Is there anyway to use GNOME terminal on macOS?

For vim also try searching/asking in its stackexchange site.

If you find something that works, by all means come back here and let us know.

  • I see. I’ll try this out. I basically want to run vim inside terminal to type Devanagari. Hope I’ll be able to do that using your solution. – indojin Jan 8 at 3:36
  • by the way, is this an issue with the terminal or with zsh shell? I also tried using another terminal "Alacritty" but the result is the same. Do you know any other terminals which support Devanagari, apart from gnome? (For gnome terminal, I need macports and also entire xcode which takes up too much space for my need.) – indojin Feb 16 at 4:20
  • No idea about shells. Try some different ones yourself to test that. My research only came up with gnome as a possibility. Get a cheap external ssd if you need more space. – Tom Gewecke Feb 17 at 1:52

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