I bought a new MacBook Pro 13-inch M1 3 days ago from the Apple Store.

Now I see that it has 3 cycle counts. I charged it only one time for around 60%.

Why? Is it normal?


Three cycles could be explained with

  • One load cycle after the battery was manufactured (as part of the testing)
  • One load cycle before the Mac leaves the factory (to make sure you can just boot it up when you get it)
  • One you did yourself

but we have no easy way of knowing whether this is correct. Nevertheless I would probably only be worried if the cycle count of a new battery is higher than 10.

  • Exactly! Three cycles is compared to the lifetime of such a battery basically nothing. They are designed to last 1000 cycles, therefore 3 more or less won't make any difference. +1 – X_841 Jan 4 at 10:49
  • Yeah, this is similar to miles on a car. You might have grounds to complain or at least enquire if your new car had 100 or 200 miles – but this is like asking why it has 5 miles on the odometer. – Ezekiel Elin Jan 4 at 13:31

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