Considering mac only requires version 2.7 of python, and any version of 3, is it safe to delete to delete pip2, pip3, and python3 completely from my mac when I have v3.9 and v2.7. I found them in this folder /usr/local/bin


Probably, yes, since it's in /usr/local/bin (and so aren't the macOS system versions of python). However, you probably shouldn't just delete the executables from that directory, but the whole installation. The details of this will depend on how you did the installation, for example from Python.org, or homebrew, or anaconda.

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    I was trying to uninstall few versions because it was conflicting with pip, but on further inspection it seems a brew module called python@3 was installed which is 3.9.1, while I downloaded 3.9.0 from python.org. Now I have resolved it :) – mTvare Jan 2 at 12:08

The system version of python2 does not come with pip by default. You can either install pip by itself, or it gets installed if you've installed a newer version of python2.7 from python.org.

However: modules installed by pip2 for use by other python2 installations can also be accessed by the system python. pip itself is very small, but deleting it won't remove the modules.

In short, whichever version of python2 you keep, it's useful to keep pip as well, if you plan to install any third-party modules.

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