I was trying to refresh my MacBook Air because I had just purchased a veikk A15 pen tablet and was trying to connect it to my MacBook Air. The instructions told me to refresh my MacBook Air and so I did. But then a USB and thunderbolt logo appears on my screen and won’t load my computer. This MacBook Air as no thunderbolt or USB port.

enter image description here

What has happened to my Mac?

  • All Macs have either a USB or thunderbolt port (unless you go back to the days before thunderbolt ever existed and FireWire was King). Could you edit this to ask a clear question? What do you want to do here other than realize you’re in target disk mode instead of booting to an OS. – bmike Dec 29 '20 at 22:51

These symbols are displayed when a Mac boots into target disk mode. Usually you activate it by pressing T at startup (different startup key combinations). Another option is to go into settingsstartup disktarget disk mode.

You can simply restart your machine and it should boot normal. If it does not, disconnect all peripherals (mice, keyboards,...) and try again.

Target disk mode makes your internal hard-drive accessible to connected Macs via Thunderbolt/FireWire. Read more about target disk mode here or here.

If this still boots into target disk mode, then your T is broken and continuously sending a pressed state to your MBA (MacBookAir) which can only be solved by repair.

Note: I assume by refresh you mean reboot.

  • Excellent answer and it may do all the OP asks, but I’m going to put a hold on this to clarify what they want in the end. – bmike Dec 29 '20 at 22:52

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