TLDR; what can I do with an iPhone7 when the microphone doesn't work?

Hello! I've got an iPhone 7 with the dreaded "audio ic fault". The mic doesn't work so the following apps fail:

  1. cannot record voice memo, record button does not respond
  2. cannot initiate/answer a phone/Facetime/etc call; disconnects immediately upon answer
  3. cannot record video with sound; no audio with recording
  4. cannot stream audio over airplay
  5. [more to come...]

However #1, #2 do work when using the BT mic. #3 video does not respond to the BT mic.

The phone is 4+ years old, and apparently the micro-solder IC repair costs more than the phone is worth. So I'm looking for creative suggestions on how I can repurpose this phone. ideas?

  • You can plug a microphone into the lightning connector for some audio uses. – hotpaw2 Dec 29 '20 at 16:54
  • Second camera for a zoom call. No annoying feedback. – michael Jan 15 at 7:08

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