I often watch tutorial videos from youtube on my macbook.

So i want to watch the tutorial on my second display and work on my macbook.

Because i often have to start and continue the video i always have to move my cursor back to the other monitor and then tap on the small start button and move back to my macbook display.

i would love to have a shortcut e.g. option-s which starts/stops video or maybe two, one to start, one to stop.

is this possible?


YouTube videos are correctly detected as media in Safari, so the media keys will control playback. F8 (or fn-F8 if function keys are enabled) on Macs without Touch Bar or Play/Pause in the Touch Bar control strip will play/pause the YouTube video.

  • thank you, thats great....one reason more to use Safari..... ;) used chrome ...so could not use the touchbar...! – Chris Dec 28 '20 at 12:45

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