The textbook answer to stopping the server in OSX Leopard server is to remove the SERVER.APP. Unfortunately I can't find it anywhere, visible or not. Where should I be looking ? Is it's absence related to "available servers (0)"?


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"Server.app" does not exist in Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server as the server aspects of the OS are integrated into the OS itself, as in everything came preinstalled. Below you'll see a screen shot of the Applications folder, with the Server folder selected and there is no "Server.app".

In Terminal using the following command, it did not find "Server.app":

find / -iname '*server*'

It found a lot of things with "server" in its name but none explicitly "Server.app".

That said, the current macOS Server available from the App Store contains "Server.app", per its tech specs page macOS Server Tech Specs, under What’s Included in macOS Server it shows:

  • Server app

Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server

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