So I have a friend, who has an iMac Pro with high specs at his home and I thought about accessing his iMac Pro from my Macbook Pro via some kind of remote desktop service. I would do some rather extensive video editing on that iMac Pro, for which my Macbook Pro is just too slow currently as its a rather old one from 2016. My question now is how i would be able to access that iMac Pro from my Macbook Pro, so I can basically do some kind of screen sharing and use Final Cut Pro installed on that iMac Pro. I tried downloading Remote Desktop from the store, but I can only make it work, when both of our devices are in the same network (we tried it on wifi), but I just wasnt able to make it work when we are not both in the same network, which would be the actual case at hand, because I would need to access his iMac Pro from anywhere. I have seen something with SSH, but isnt that only for servers and such? Either way I just wanted to ask, if someone knows how to best get this setup working.

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Use either Screens and Screens Connect or TeamViewer.

Both of these broker connections and work with routers to establish connections across the internet and private networks where routing is not set up for ARD.

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